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The Motte Family

The Motte Family is one of the oldest pioneering families in the Perris Valley. Business records indicate that Alphonse Motte and his brothers immigrated to America in the late 1880’s from Gap, France with an interest in sheep and agriculture. In the 1930's John Victor (eldest son of Alphonse Motte) took on his two brothers, Frank and Charles, as business partners. They called their business the "Motte Brothers". The Motte’s became an active family within the valley, concentrating on crops such as potatoes, onions and grains. Their farms spread over parts of Perris, Romoland, Nuevo, and Lakeview. By 1944 the transition was complete, the Motte's were now well established farmers within the valley.

By the 1960's John Victor established his own farming operation with his two sons, Leon and John, naming it Motte and Sons. Ever present in the valley and keen to changing trends, a decision was made for the family corporation to also become active in real estate and development opportunities.

John and Evelyn Motte privately founded the Museum through their estate. Their aspirations were to showcase the history of the pioneer families who first settled in the valley, their antique car collection, and document the area's agricultural roots. Therefore the Museum was made possible by the JEM Foundation to do just that. And in 2007 Motte Historical Museum Inc. became established as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. The Museum commemorates how the valley has grown and changed, in hopes to encourage the community to continually preserve, teach, and educate others about our local history.

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